Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

Looking for a way to cool off at your next party or event?
We offer all kinds of water fun to rent!

  • Mobile Water Tag

    Mobile Water Tag

    Like the Laser Tag this is an extremely fun game, but more geared for the smaller children.  We bring the Water Tag guns, vests, water refilling stations and obstacles for your children to play.  The basic concept of the game is the children form teams and then shoot water at each other’s vests.  Once that vest fills with water that player is eliminated and so on until there is only one player left.  Whatever team the remaining player is on becomes the winning team.

    There are variations of this game if the children don’t want to form teams or are too young to play team.  Last Man Standing allows them to just shoot at anyone and the last child standing would ultimately become the winner of that game.

  • Water Walking Ball

    Water Walking Ball

    Be inflated inside one of our 6 ½ feet round water walking balls and see if you can stand up.  It’s not as easy as you may think.  This can be done in your pool or in a pond or lake.  We will tether you to the perimeter so you have no chance of floating away.

  • Inflatable Water Slide

    Inflatable Water Slide

    We offer a 16′ tall wet/dry slide with a pool at the end.

  • Dunk Tank

    Dunk Tank

    Dunk Tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local celebrity at a fundraiser has become an American pastime.

    Our dunk tank is on a trailer and can be towed by just about any vehicle with a hitch and a 2” ball. You can come and pick it up or we can deliver it for you.

    It sets up in about 2 minutes without any tools and all you need to do after that is fill it up and wait for the fun to begin!!!