Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

We offer interactive games for parties,
corporate events, team building events and more!

  • The Gauntlet

    One team navigates through several obstacles while avoiding being hit by the opposing team blasting plastic balls or tennis balls at them with air cannons.  At the same time the team being pelted with the balls is trying to score points by throwing return balls at the opposing teams net.  Winning team is determined by a combination of points and time elapsed from start to finish.

  • Mobile Laser Battle (Outdoor or Indoor)

    Mobile Laser Tag

    Mobile Laser Tag is an exciting, fun and action packed activity for all ages.  Don’t let the name Laser Tag mislead you…there are no lasers being shot.  This technology is similar to your media remote control.  Unlike paintball, our guns release no projectiles so they are safe and, best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterward.  Our games include Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Kill the King and many more.

    • The versatility of our system allows us to work indoors and outdoors.
    • As many as 16 participants can play at one time with a variety of different games to choose from.
    • We can accommodate as many guests as you need us to.
      Each game averages about 12 minutes allowing us to rotate players in and out quickly.
    • There is no bodily contact therefore reducing any chance of injury.
    • We have a variety of bunkers to choose from for all ages and price points.
    • This service can be done as a rental only with you running the games.
      Please ask for more information.
  • Inflatable Human Size Bowling

    Inflatable Human Size Bowling

    This is a 30 foot long Inflatable Bowling Alley with six 5 foot tall bowling pins and a 6 foot tall inflated bowling ball.

    • One way to play is to get together with your guests and actually keep score.  You take turns getting inside the ball and roll yourself down the alley trying to get a strike.  If not you try and pick up the spare.
    • Another way to play is to just keep taking turns and having a blast watching the other people become a human bowling ball.
    • This game can be played with either balls you get inflated inside of or with our Bumpzee’s.