Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

Gives your guest access to high quality instant photo favors!

  • Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    Our photo booth is great for:

    • Weddings
    • DIY photo booth projects
    • Kid’s parties
    • Business or promotional events
    • Proms, graduations parties, and reunions
    • Birthday parties, holiday parties, or other celebrations
    • Whatever else you can think of

    Our photo booth makes it easy to create a dynamic party experience.  Your guests will have a blast taking photos while creating memorable keepsakes plainly or with our party props.  All this with an external monitor showing all of the photo being taken at your event and constantly being updated throughout.

    We have an easy to use full screen Kiosk.  Your guests simply walk up and follow the on screen instructions and have fun.  We offer a variety of different layout options for you and can add backgrounds or overlays to the photos automatically before they are printed.  We can even have all of the photo automatically update the photos to your Facebook, Twitter or email account.  All of the controls are configurable before the event and only what you want available will be options for your guests.

  • Pocket Flip Books

    Flip Book

    Pocket Flip Books make the best photo flip books with our unique mobile studio at events, parties, promotions, and wedding.

    Pocket Flip Books is the latest trend in creating personalized flip book party favors at events, weddings, and parties. We provide not only a custom keepsake, but act as party entertainment as well.  Our flip books are the perfect addition to wedding receptions, corporate parties and corporate parties with themes, proms and dances, happy hours, birthday parties, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, wedding party favors, and even convention/expo booths.

    Your guests will think of your event each time they flip through their custom flip book or when they show it to their friends!  We know you want your event to be memorable for your guests. If you’re planning an event, A Little Scene Flip Books can make your event even more memorable and entertaining by adding a little fun.

    We make the Flip Books by taking a 6 second video of you or your guests having fun in front of a backdrop and then running it through specialty software.  It turns that short video into a 40 page still photo business card size flip book. We sort them out in the proper order and staple them together instantly turning them into a pocket sized motion flip book.

  • 3D Photography and Flip Photography

    3D Photo

    What used to be available to only corporate America we now have made available to the general public.  Best of all it is affordable.

    The process is complex but can be achieved in a relatively short time-frame.  We use state of the art software and specialty printers with lenses to produce truly remarkable effects.

    The 3D process starts long before the event date with us creating the 3D backgrounds for you and at the event we take pictures of your guests and insert them into the backgrounds by use of a green screen and specialized software.  Once printed we use attach them to a special lens instantly giving them a 3D photo that will last for years to come.

    The Flip photo process is different all together.  We take pictures of your guests in front of whatever they want as their backdrop in two or three different poses.  We then take those pictures and run them through specialty software.  They are then printed as one photograph.  We then attach a special lens to the special printed photograph and instantly give them a photo that changes when looked at from different angles.

    Flip Photo

    These do not have to be different photos taken at the event.  We can have you take your pictures before the event and we can make them in advance so you can have these on your guests’ tables as a party favor.

    These can be made for: product marketing, business cards, mouse pads, any special event.

  • Snap Lab Photo Favors

    Unmanned Version:  Rent a portable photo lab for your next event.  Let your guests print off those instant memories for their friends and family while still being at the event.  You have a wide choice of fun frames to choose from.  All pictures will be 4”x6” and print in about 15 seconds each.  Choices include limiting the number of photos for a set price or unlimited for a certain amount of time.

    Manned Version:  Let us take and print the pictures for you.  We walk the entire event and capture the special memories for you and your guests or we can setup a backdrop for your guests to have their pictures taken in front of.  Once captured, we print off the pictures for you and your guests and put them in the fun frames or other novelty item of your choice.  Your guests get to take home instant memories from the event and get to relive the event over and over again.

    Snap Lab Photo

    Novelty items can be:  key chains, snow globes, pocket viewers, magnets, photo clips, ornaments, Lucite frames, Hollywood acrylic frames, magnetic frames, mouse pads, furry frames, photo dog tags, sports frames, desk clocks, and more.  Prices will vary depending on the novelty items chosen.

    All novelty items must be picked out in advance to make sure there is enough in stock for your event.

  • Photo Bobbles

    Photo Bobbles

    Photo bobbles is an amazing new interactive, fun and exciting experience that drives traffic and builds excitement at all types of events.  If you are considering hot and new ways to add the wow effect to your events Photo Bobbles can do just that.

    Now for the best part, Photo Bobbles are brand new!  Field tested first time reviews include comments such as: "A Real Wow", "Marvelous", "Explosive Fun" and "Fantastic;" Bobble Noggins is the next big thing!

    How does it work?  Guests are photographed in front of a "white screen" and our custom Bobble Noggins system prints and cuts the head for you.  Attach their head to a Bobble Body and it transforms into an instant Photo Bobble.  Guests select their dream role from our wide selection of BOBBLE BODIES.

    An instant "gratification" answer to the traditional "bobble heads" –an affordable alternative that allows the customer to "live their fantasy".

  • Green Screen Photo and Video

    Green Screen Photos Green Screen Video

    Similar to the Photo Favor service.  We offer the ability to bring Green Screen Technology to your party or event.  How does this work you ask?  The best way to describe it is you sit or stand in front of a green backdrop.  We take a photo or short video of you and superimpose a digital backdrop behind you allowing us to put you anywhere in the world.  This is done with highly sophisticated computer software allowing us to remove the green screen image behind you.

    Photo will then be printed on highly advanced printers producing a professional 4”x6” photo.  We can add fun frames for an additional cost.

    This service can be adapted to any number of situations.  Some examples are pictures for Internet dating sites, videos for Internet dating sites, product promotions, greeting cards for any occasion or holiday plus much more.