Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

We offer themed parties for kids, teenagers and adults!

  • Stuff-A-Zoo Party

    Stuff-A-Zoo Party Kit

    Children delight in choosing their own new bear or animal friend to stuff with our special charmed fluff.  No sewing skills are required!  Make a wish on a shining star to put inside, and then zip the permanent zipper and Velcro to close the fur over the hidden zipper.  Now we’re off to the adoption station!  They’ll choose the perfect name then; we weigh measure and announce the new friend.  It’s official with personalized birth certificates.

    This party is perfect for a birthday celebration with a mixed-age guest list.  Great for a Girl Scout or Brownie activity, birthday party, classroom activity, camp activity and more.

    We can order and prepackage all of the needed animals and supplies for you to take with you for your party or we can even host the event for you.

  • Foam Dance Party

    Foam Dance Party

    Throw a foam party & experience the latest in interactive fun!!!

    Using one of the newest and most innovative technology concepts in entertainment we have brought the latest dance craze to North Central Florida.  THE FOAM DANCE PIT!!!!  Previously only found in famous resort locations and upscale dance clubs we are proud to now be able to offer this service to all area bars, nightclubs, and other organizations looking to throw one of the hottest dance parties in town.

    This service is also available for rent for all kinds of home based parties as well such as Graduation, birthday, sweet sixteen, family gatherings and reunions, etc…

    Let’s get this party started now! Who says dirty dancing can’t be good clean fun?  Prime Time has created the ultimate foam dance pit.  Great for all kinds of special events, foam dance parties, college events, beach parties, raves bars, night clubs and promotions.  Rent the machine only and fill a dorm room, fraternity house, or any area you like!

    The foam machine fills the pit with a very robust and safe, non-toxic foam…  (that won’t hurt your eyes or clothing!)…  in about 6 minutes.  GREAT FUN!!!  A very unique experience! 25′ x 25′ area required for inflatable.

    We can even add a DJ service or a sound system to this!!!

  • Outdoor Movie Night

    Outside Movie Night

    Drive-in movies have become increasingly difficult to find in recent years and yet nostalgia remains for watching movies outside in the warm weather.  Luckily, today’s technology makes it possible for us to create this just about anywhere.  This type of party is perfect for a personal family and friends event, a neighborhood get together, business’s providing a night out for their employee’s and family and much more.

    We provide a 16’x9’ projection screen, the projector, sound system and the movie or movies of your choice on either DVD or Blue Ray.  Another option would be to have Directv playing your favorite shows or special event.

    We can even provide the concessions for you such as popcorn, hotdogs, drinks, grilling, etc.  Have your guests bring a comfortable chair for themselves and insect repellent.  Prepare to have a wonderful night for yourself and as many of your closest friends and family as you want to invite.

  • Mobile Tailgate Party

    Using our mobile media trailer we can offer a mobile tailgate party like no other.  We will theme out the trailer with HDTV’s playing the game or event on one side of the trailer and HDTV’s inside and video game systems playing the same themed games on the other side and inside.  A DirecTV connection is established to achieve this.  Use your imagination to come up with as many different possibilities as possible.

    Just like outdoor movie night we can offer all concessions for a reasonable price.  We can even offer a Kegerator with the CO2 hookups and tap for a small fee but we cannot provide what you put inside of it.

    This Mobile Media Trailer is the ultimate Man Cave on wheels!!!

  • R/C Car Birthday Party With 2 Ways to Play!

    R/C Racing Party
    R/C Racing

    R/C Car Racing

    You provide:
    • Space and power outlets.
    We provide and do the following:
    • We bring the cars (Losi Micro T’s), the timing software and the track.
    • We run heat races first to setup the positions for what will become the running order for the mains, which are the qualifying positions.
    • We then run the lowest mains to get a winner from each main so that we can then set up the final race.  The winner of the A-Main(the final race) becomes the champion of that event and will hold bragging rights until the next party or event attended.
    If this all sounds complicated don’t worry.  We handle everything.  You just have to put your competitive spirit on and have some fun.

    Free for all

    You provide:
    • space and power outlets.
    We provide and do the following:
    • We bring the cars and the track.
    • We keep the cars in running condition.
    • We make sure the kids are having fun.
    Basically the kids run the cars on the track just having fun with each other.  It’s ok to run the cars into each other without worrying about breaking them.  They are very durable for their small size.
  • Pro Pit Challenge

    Pro Pit Challenge

    Pro Pit Challenge brings all of the energy and excitement of Stock Car Racing to any party or event.  Challengers race against the clock in a frantic effort to have the fastest change.

    • 10.5′ x 7′ Colorful & Rugged Vinyl Backdrop
    • Steel Framework
    • Real Tires
    • Timing Modules
    • Charger and spare batteries

    Where can I Use the Pit Stop Challenge Game?

    • Pit Stop and Pizza The perfect way to entertain your teenager and guests at a birthday party.
    • Company Picnic Let your employees see who can get the best time.  Give a prize to the winner!
    • School Carnival Kids love to get their hands on the air impact wrench.  Graphics of the race car will enhance any event.
    • Promotions Perfect for any automobile related business.  Tire Shops, Auto Dealers, Auto Parts Stores, etc.  Have a DJ show up with Pit Stop Challenge and invite the public to take the challenge to beat the time and win a prize.
    • Car Cruise Add some excitement to your next car cruise with Pit Stop Challenge.
    • After Prom Activity Pit Stop Challenge will keep the students entertained all night as they try to get the best time and become the Pit Stop King.