Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

Inflatables will make your next party or event kid friendly!

  • Inflatable Bunkers

    Inflatable Bunker Rentals

    Have your own event idea but do not have the bunkers to pull it off.  We rent out our inflatable bunkers for your enjoyment.  We offer paintball grade bunkers and Laser Battle grade bunkers.

  • Bumpzee’s

    Sumo Bumpzee’s:  Two people at a time get their bumpzee on and when the horn sounds they keep bumping into each other until one of them is bumped out of the play area.

    Free 4 All:  Up to six people at a time get in the Bumpzee’s and keep blasting into each other until time expires or they quit from exhaustion.

    Roller Ball:  For the little ones.  They get inside and get rolled around by another person in all directions until they can’t take it anymore or at least until the person pushing cannot take it anymore.

    Soccer Bumpzee’s:  No need to worry about any handballs in this game.  Exactly as the game is named, play soccer while wearing the Bumpzee’s.  Full contact 3 on 3 game until time expires.  Winner is of course the team with the most goals.  See if you can handle it!!!

  • Inflatable Human Size Bowling

    Inflatable Human Size Bowling

    This is a 30 foot long Inflatable Bowling Alley with six 5 foot tall bowling pins and a 6 foot tall inflated bowling ball.

    • One way to play is to get together with your guests and actually keep score.  You take turns getting inside the ball and roll yourself down the alley trying to get a strike.  If not you try and pick up the spare.
    • Another way to play is to just keep taking turns and having a blast watching the other people become a human bowling ball.
    • This game can be played with either balls you get inflated inside of or with our Bumpzee’s.
  • Hamster Ball Racing

    Hamster Ball Racing

    Get inside and run for your life.  The 2 hamster balls will be inflated with you and you competitor inside.  When the horn sounds you start running or at least attempt to run back and forth from one end of the track to the other trying to beat your opponent.  Winners will go onto the next round until we only have 1 person left.

  • Inflatable Slides

    Inflatable Slide

    We offer to inflatable slides for rent.

    • One is a wet/dry slide with a pool at the end as an option.
    • The other is a dry slide.
    • They are both 16’ tall.
  • Bounce Houses

    Bounce House

    We have 4 bounce houses to choose from.

    • 14’x14’ Castle
    • Two 15’x15’ Boys Bounce houses
    • 15’x15’ Girls Bounce House