Bring THE FUN to your next party or event!

Add airbrush tattoos and face painting to
your next party, event or festival!

  • Airbrush Tattooing

    Airbrush Tattoo


    Airbrush tattoos are simply the hottest trend in kid’s parties!  Adults love ‘em too.  Come on, admit it, you are at least tempted to jump in line!  What better way to walk on the WILD side, at least it’s temporary.  Go wild, faux wild…  Although you’re Temporary Airbrush Tattoo or, Tat can last up to 2 WEEKS, you can remove it easily!

    We offer Airbrush Tattooing for your birthday parties, Project Grad, Bachelorette parties, School functions, the list is limitless!

    We can handle large groups or small.  It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to apply your Tat, and we can handle 20 to 30 Tat’s per hour…  From very young children, to a more mature crowd.  If you book your event early, we can offer customized stencils with your logo, school mascot or insignia!

  • Airbrush Face Painting

    This is not your traditional face painting!!!!  Unlike the airbrush tattoos this paint is water based and safe for use on the face.  With the new technologies in paint and stencils we can paint your face in a number of different designs.  These can take a little bit of time due to the nature of the detail involved.

    Just like the with the airbrush tattooing we can handle large groups of a people and people of all ages.  We can offer this service for birthday parties, School Functions, Festivals, Fairs, just about whatever you can think of.